Born To Swing


  1. Breezin’ Along With The Breeze #
  2. Maybe It’s The Moon
  3. Trav’Lin’ All Alone *#
  4. I Found A Million Dollar Baby
  5. I’m Just A Lucky So And So #
  6. The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs *
  7. Pretty Eyed Baby #
  8. Try To Forget
  9. Happy As The Day Is Long *
  10. I Double Dare You #
  11. Bittersweet *
  12. What Kind Of Man Is You? *
  13. Bing Crosby Medley *
  14. Born To Swing #

Daryl Sherman – vocals and piano*; James Chirillo – guitar & leader; Ed Polcer – cornet; Bob Havens – trombone; John Sheridan – piano; Frank Tate – bass; Joe Ascione – drums; Kenny Davern – clarinet#; Jay Leonhart – bass and vocal on track 13 only.

…has never sounded better than she does on Born to Swing
— Jazz Times

Masterful interpreter…One never doubts that she loves to perform this music!
— LA Jazz Scenes

a judicious mixture…There are lots of girl singers around at the moment but there’s only one Daryl Sherman.
— In Tune International

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